Happy Tails Archive

d’Artagnan and George Michael are best friends!

Vanessa sent us this sweet photo through our app. Continue reading

Pumpkin loves his sister Nini!

We adopted Pumpkin from the Windsor Humane Society in October 2015 and we’re so glad we did Continue reading

Dexter is the smartest dog!

Catherine sent us this adorable photo of her furbaby. Continue reading

Bella (prev Bubbles) is loving life!

Jason sent us these adorable photos of Bubbles – now Bella – enjoying her new home! Continue reading

Pepe has lots of friends to play with!

Pepe is doing pretty well… Pepe and his new brother Chester play all the time and enjoy each others company immensely. Continue reading

Jasper has made Heather’s home complete!

We adopted Jasper in September 2015. This dog has been such a special gift in our lives. Continue reading

Freya is an Instagram star!

Katherine sent us this exciting update on her superstar pup Freya! Continue reading

Roscoe is enjoying his new home!

Roscoe’s mom Lisa sent us these adorable photos of her new furbaby. Continue reading

Hiro loves his walks, cookies and cuddling!

Brittany sent us an adorable collection of photos of her new furbaby, Hiro (formerly Toby). Continue reading

Bear has learned to trust again and is very happy with his family!

This will be the one year anniversary of adopting Bear Continue reading