Happy Tails Archive

Mango is “just wonderful!”

We are very happy with our new addition, we have named her Mango since she’s all orange. She’s just wonderful thank you. Continue reading

Ginger Bear loves his new family!

We are SO blessed to have Ginger Bear accept us into his life and honestly can’t imagine life without him. Continue reading

Casper is a loving, sweet boy!

He’s a very loving, sweet boy! Loves to play with his many toys. Continue reading

Neko, Domino and Prince Charming are too cute!

Rachel sent us this adorable photo of her three new furbabies, Neko, Domino and Prince Charming! Continue reading

Steven is full of personality!

He is full of personality and very smart! Continue reading

Cosmo loves chasing toys and playing!

Perfect mix of a kitten that loves human contact but has an independent side that also loves chasing his toys and playing. Continue reading

Holly has a bed in every room and lots of toys!

She loves Cheerios for treats and loves to run in the back yard and bark at the horses in the paddock. Continue reading

Delilah is all settled in!

Margaret sent us this adorable photo of Delilah, who she says has settled in very well! Continue reading

George loves his new brother!

Jennifer sent us this sweet photo of her new furbaby George, who is all settled in and enjoys hanging out with his brother Clarence. Continue reading

Charlie is “the perfect kitten”!

He has a lot of energy which is great because he is keeping my old cat Simba entertained. Continue reading