Jagger’s Road to Recovery with his Forever Family!

“Jagger is doing very well here. He is a very devoted and loving dog. He is making friends with both cats slowly (slower than he would like with respect to the older one who was a devoted friend to Seamus, our deceased dog). The younger cat, Sky, has accepted him and checks on him several times a day. Jagger loves rolling and sunning himself in the back yard, and is becoming accustomed to the sounds of his new neighborhood. He looks forward to his late night walks (it’s COOLER then), and has no difficulty putting in a fast-paced 3 – 4 km, depending on the humidity and temperature. His skin condition is improving quickly! He is on meds to combat the bacteria inside and reduce the itching, and is receiving 3 medicated baths/week to combat the fungus in the folds of the hairless portions of his skin (Pet Valu’s dog grooming baths are only $10!). The red, itchy skin of his undercarriage is mostly white and black (it’s natural colouring), and the hair is already filling in. The scabs on top of his head and other locations on his neck and hips are gone. His coat has a nice sheen to it! He loves to go for car rides, and has accepted his “seat belt harness” for the back seat as a matter of course. He is gaining weight back slowly (slow is good). He is a bundle of high energy when I’m in the back yard with him (yes, he has “moves like Jagger” — Mick, that is), and only barks when an unknown or “threatening” noise catches his attention. 


He is a terrific companion dog, and sleeps on his bed beside our bed all night. Otherwise, he has figured out that the love seats in the living room are a perfect fit for naps (every one of our dogs have done this so the seats are covered until guests arrive). We are currently working on some on-leash and off-leash obedience including “down” and “stay” at a distance. His only problem is separation anxiety (I expected this could happen), which I am working on. He has a Kong toy (with his favorite pill coating, peanut butter, inside to distract him when we leave the house, and I have installed Adaptil diffusers in two of the areas I know he frequents while we are out. He is more relaxed now than he was initially, and meets people both in and outside of the house extremely well!


We love him very much — he is a terrific addition to our family, even if the older cat doesn’t want to admit that yet!”