Ireland, a loyal companion.

Ireland 1 Ireland 2


“My family and I adopted Ireland back in January and since then she has changed our lives!

After going through previous loss of another dog, my daughter was eager to get a new addition to the family! Every day we would check the website for the right dog to fit the criteria of our outgoing family! We visited the Humane Society and found ourselves falling in love with Ireland!! She was a beautiful and energetic dog that we couldn’t pass up.

She came into our home shy of certain people including my husband but quickly warmed up to him and others! She has been a great companion for my kids and is very protective of them. Ireland enjoys playing with all her toys and enjoys long walks around our neighbourhood! Since Ireland has been at our home, she has learned many new commands, has been trained properly on a leash and has gained a sustainable amount of weight! As a family, we are happy to have Ireland in our home! She has honestly changed all of our lives for the good!

Thank you to those at the Windsor/Essex Humane Society who helped make the adoption process quick and easy!! ”

  • Emily