Frosty in his forever home

frosty frosty domino (3)


frosty free (3)

We adopted Frosty in October 2010 he was 7 months old. He had previously been adopted and returned but we didn’t know why. Fortunately we quickly realized what his previous owners probably didn’t… Frosty is deaf, and required and still does require A LOT of patience. Frosty is the Biggest goofball I have ever met and keeps us thoroughly entertained.  Frosty lives up to his name, he LOVES Christmas time because he gets to climb AND sleep in the Christmas tree, as well as knocking down the ornaments  and playing fetch with them.  Frosty has an older brother Domino with whom they have a love hate relationship, Frosty LOVES to play fight with Domino and Domino Hates it.  The 2 of them love each other and get concerned when they cant find the other but neither will admit that they care about each other.

Frosty not only found a happy tail in our household, but also brought tons of energy and craziness to our family.


Beckie, Len and Domino