Fiona loves her sister Avery!

Jessica sent us this heartwarming update on Fiona:

“When my Aussie Avery lost her kitty fur sister in the summer, I knew I needed to find her a new playmate. The minute Fiona bounded into the viewing room, I knew she was our missing piece.

Her confidence and spunk is the perfect match for the never ending energy of an Aussie fur sister.The two of them hit it off from the start and have become the very best of friends and playmates. Their daily “play-wars” are great entertainment and I love watching Avery charge out of a room with Fiona hot on her tail. 

Thank you to the Humane Society and Fiona’s Foster Mama for giving Avery and I the opportunity to have such an amazing addition to our family.

Happy Holidays!”

Jessica, Avery and Fiona 🙂