Elvis is a part of the family

Elvis 1Elvis 2

Close to a year ago we adopted this little guy Elvis and he has and will still continue to show me how great a dog can be. He has been such a blessing and is a very important member of our family. His personality shines through everyday and I see how much he has grown and felt valued and comfortable. I never knew how cuddly and attached an animal could become to a human being. He shows us both how thankful he is for us through his constant attention and unconditional love. The first day we brought him home he would not leave my side. He loves to cuddle, and play with his best friend (a lab mix that was also adopted from the Humane Society by family members named Zeek.) We have celebrated his 7th birthday and I am so excited to have many more with him. He has even learned new tricks! He can now sit, stay, and shake a paw! It just goes to show you that no matter how old a dog may be they can always learn new tricks. I cannot make it clear enough to anyone looking to add a pet to their family to always look into adopting, all of these wonderful animals deserve to find their forever homes. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not call Elvis my dog, he is my fur son. I have so much appreciation for the Windsor humane society for bringing Elvis into my life and making it possible for animals like my little Elvis to have a chance at experiencing life with their forever people, no matter what the circumstances may be.Thank you again!

– Shea