Charlie is celebrating his one year adoptiversary!

“Celebrating 1 year of love with my boy Charlie (formerly Butterball). He is the most amazing dog who is just a joy to everyone. He never meets a person he doesn’t like and the feeling is mutual. We often pick my nephew up from school and the kids just go crazy for him and he of course loves the attention. He and my nephew are absolutely inseparable.He also has 7 dog buddies that he plays with regularly and he loves to snuggle with our cat. Charlie is always up for a road trip or adventure and has even become an expert kayaker. He goes crazy when we pull out his life jacket.  He is definitely a happy go lucky boy and people always say he looks like he’s smiling. The year has flown by and I hope we have many more together. Thank you for helping me find my best buddy! ”

  • Melanie