Bella’s Story


Just over seven years ago, I found our happy and goofy golden retriever Bella at the Windsor Essex Humane Society.  At the time, we already had a golden named Zoe. She had lost an eye to glaucoma, and the veterinary ophthamologist told us she could lose the other eye as well. We didn’t like the idea of Zoe potentially being completely blind and alone while we went to work, so we decided she’d need a companion. My husband laid out very specific guidelines! This dog would have to be: female, younger than Zoe, not special needs (since we already had one of those) and a purebred golden. I thought he’d set an impossible task but only two days later I was driving by the humane society on my way to another destination, and something made me pull into the parking lot and go inside. There was our Bella waiting for me! She was just about to have her first birthday, and had been given up because her first owner had become very ill. I called my husband and said, “Get the kids and come – I’ve found our dog!” A little over a week later, Bella was home with us. She was just the sweetest little goofball and we loved her with all of our hearts. She and Zoe soon became the very best of friends. Unfortunately, Bella fell mysteriously ill last April. Despite the best efforts of our vet here in Windsor and two specialists in Michigan, many courses of various treatments, and all of the love and care we could lavish on her, we lost our little girl November 11, 2014. You may think this is a sad story because of this ending, but it is not. We miss our girl, but we were abundantly blessed to have her and don’t regret anything. We’d do it all again because we loved her so much. Zoe, who is not blind, misses her best buddy a lot. We’ll be getting her a new friend come this summer, but we will never ever forget our precious ‘Belly Button’! Here is a picture of them, with Zoe resting her head on Bella’s back. They loved to snuggle!


Thanks for all you do to help animals – and people!