On July 17 my family drove to Windsor to look at what might become our new dog, Bella.
Bella is a white foxhound-mix with some brown patches. We drove to Windsor (which took about an hour and a half) and we could not stop thinking about the dog we might get. We were not too sure if we would be coming home with her since only my mom had met her, but we were all hopeful! We arrived and got to meet Bella right away; we got to play with her and pet her. We decided she was perfect and brought her home!!! It has been about 4-5 months since that day and Bella is coming along great! We have taken her to PetSmart for training and it really helped. We take Bella to the Dog Park almost every day and there are always lots of dogs for her to run around and play with – she seems to get along with them fine. Even to this day I am grateful that we could have the opportunity to adopt Bella!!!!!