Atticus has a family that absolutely adores him!

Nigel and Terri sent us an update on Atticus, their new kitten:

“WE LOVE HIM! Oh my goodness, SO much!!!

He is just the best little guy. So affectionate and in love with his humans (as we are with him). He is a purr machine and adores when the three of us are all hanging out. He is happy to be the only cat, lapping up the pets and our constant love, adoring his people right back. He likes to entertain himself and us during his frequent frisky play times with his little nerf balls, toy mice, tinfoil balls, and interactive toys. The laser red dot just makes him SO happy!

We cannot stress how much Atticus kitty has just been the best thing ever.

We are greeted by kitty chirps and serious love head butts when we come through the door and throughout the day…..He trills his happiness, remains in close contact with his people (physical contact purrfered) endearing himself while, becoming more and more confident each day owning his new home. From the moment he snuggled up against my leg for comfort at the humane society, to right now with him curled up on my feet for love, it felt like the right fit from the start…and it just keeps feeling more right each day.

We would like to thank the staff at the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society. We remember your patience, helpfulness, and caring. Not just for us and Atticus but, for how you feel about all the animals within your care.”