Amykin, Bernie and Boots have found their loving forever home together!

Heather and Justin  sent us this sweet update on their family of furbabies:

“It has been about five weeks since we first came to the Humane Society in search of a companion for our 15 year old cat who had just lost his litter mate.

We looked at several cats trying to narrow down our choice. We were looking for a cat who was a little older, calm and used to other animals. After visiting with two older cats we decided to visit with a tiny Siamese mix kitten named Am. She was not at all what we thought we wanted until we met her. From the very start she was gentle, quiet and loving. The decision was made…she would come and live with us.

We brought her home, changed her name to Amykin Hugglesworth and she fit right in with our 15 year old cat at home. They spent hours snuggling and he let her play all over him.

Who knew a mere three weeks later our 15 year old guy would pass away? This left Amykin searching for him. She was sad and lonely. We talked a long time before coming back to the Humane Society after our devastating summer losing both of our 15 year old cats. Were we ready for another? We started the search for a kitten about the same age as Amykin. We visited a few and couldn’t find a match.

All of the children decided that we should try again…and perhaps, look at kittens and older cats. We all traveled together to the Humane Society and searched the available pets. I fell in love with Bernie and Boots because of their size. As soon as they came in the room for a visit we knew they were coming home with us. Instead of finding one…we found two cats to bring home to our kitten.

It didn’t take long for Bernie and Boots to fit in with Amykin and our household. Finally, our Hugglesworth family is complete. With five children, a large dog and three cats our home is always full of activity and adventure.

Thank you to the staff who helped us make our choices.”