A rabbit and a cat are best friends!


We received this adorable Happy Tail from Brianne and just had to share. She writes:

“HI ! about two months ago my mother adopted a beautiful gray cat named scarlet she brought her home and just didn’t get along with her other cat she didn’t want to send her back so  she asked me if i could take her and me being an animal lover i couldn’t say no. although, the choice wasn’t up to me to make . it was really up to my rabbit Penny she roams free around the house, we have tried other rabbits and other cats but didn’t like any of them or they tried attacking her and ended up having to give them up. as soon as i brought scarlet home Penny’s mood went from bored to happy, instantly loved scarlet and although it took scarlet little bit to get use to the idea of a rabbit as a friend she came around and we are now at the stage of giving little kisses and cuddling for a couple minutes ! i have noticed Penny follows scarlet around and tries to sleep near her and give her kisses. its the sweetest thing Penny never stops trying to be her friend it melts my heart to see such peculiar friends. all in all i may not have been the one that adopted scarlet but she somehow found her way to me and Penny; we all couldn’t be happier !”