Shady is a very loved dog!

Mama Shady

“Just an up date on Mama Shady,

She has settled into her new environment quit nicely. We’ve dropped the Mama part
but the name Shady certainly suits her…Shady resides with my parents who are retired.
My Dad and Shady are best buds. She was the best Christmas gift we’ve ever given him and vice versa for Shady. She adores my Mother as well and they do numerous walks
together. She’s very smart and learns quickly how-ever with that said, she likes to steal Kleenex.
Shady has a very large extended family and fit in to a houseful of visitors over Christmas quite nicely.
Shady is also a community  pet with shared visitation…lol. My sister and I live on the same
property as Shady. She gets long visits and car rides at my house and she’s allowed on the furniture at my sisters house. lol. So to summarize, Shady has three homes that she visits and is greatly loved. She has brought joy to all of us. Your loss is our gain. :)”

Dave and Marie…Shady’s Masters
Joanne & Kristin & Ferrier….Shady’s Sisters