Community Cat Package

The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society spay neuter clinic is actively assisting individuals and groups working on TNR programs. As similar clinics in other areas have done, we offer walk-in appointments for feral cat caregivers because we understand the uncertainties involved with trapping free-roaming cats. Anyone is allowed to bring in one free-roaming/feral cat in a trap a day without an appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: Effective October 1, feral cat walk-ins will only be accepted on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (until then they continue to be accepted on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only).  All community cats brought in for surgery in a trap will be eligible for (upon request) a free community cat package.  The package includes a standard ear tip, microchip, and FVRCP vaccine.  We appreciate your understanding that this package is intended for community cats who will be released back to their outdoor homes. Respecting this requirement helps us ensure that this program is able to continue.

If you’re planning to fix a number of cats, please ask for a Frequent Fixer Card.  With this card you will receive a stamp for each cat you have spayed or neutered.  Once you have fixed 9 cats, the 10th surgery is free!

For more information about these programs please call us at 519-966-1118 or email