Our friends at Nature Canada’s Cats & Birds program wrote an article to share some information about how to give your indoor cat a taste of the great outdoors.

With more information being made available regarding the many dangers that an outdoor cat faces, those of us who have cats need to make a decision on how to provide the necessary stimulation to our feline friends while keeping them safe.

The main reason why a cat would desire to go outside is to fulfill its need for stimulation that is not being met indoors. While there are many options for indoor stimulation, such as installing scratching posts, playing with toys, providing platforms or even adopting a second cats, there is also a way where a cat owner can combine the safety and protection of the indoors with the stimulation of nature outside. 

One of the most popular options these days for cats to experience the sights and sounds of the great outdoors, while keeping them from harm’s way and at the same time protecting the native wildlife around us, are Catios – basically enclosed patios for, you guessed it, cats! Gone are the days where Catios were considered to be overly priced and only delegated to the “crazy cat people”. Nowadays, they are being used by cat owners of all kinds to ensure the safety and stimulation of their feline family members.

From the numerous companies making affordable yet intricate designs, to the many DIY designs available online, the options available are as abundant as the type of cats we have in our homes! Not every Catio has to be an extravagant construction project, some are small and quaint – and they all meet the same requirements of providing access to the outdoors without risk. Catios can be attached to the frame of a window or a door, could be attached via a tunnel or be a free-standing structure that you carry your cat out to! It could include as many accessories you like (think ramps, cat-safe plants, scratching posts and perches) or it could be a simple fence that prevents your cat from going anywhere beyond the assigned boundaries.

If you are planning on leaving your cat in an enclosure for some time, then it is a good idea to provide a litterbox and some water. With advancements in pet research and more products and DIY kits being made available to pet cat owners, there is hardly an excuse left to let your furry friends roam the outdoors unsupervised.

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