This is the time to get your cat neutered!

From May 13 to June 14 (Father’s Day weekend, or in our case, Don’t be a Father’s Day weekend), receive $10 off your owned cat neuter! That means you can get your pet cat neutered for only $40. Not only will you prevent unwanted kittens, but your cat will be less likely to engage in negative behaviours like fighting and spraying, and best of all, you will be more likely to spend much longer together – research shows that neutered male cats live 62 percent longer than unneutered ones!

Please note that appointments are booked Monday through Friday, and you must have an appointment to qualify for this promo. Discount applies only to owned male cat neuters, and cannot be combined with community cat package, or any other offers. To book your cat’s appointment, please give our clinic a call at 519-966-1118.