Bake For The Animals!

What is Bake For The Animals?

Originated by the Ottawa Humane Society, Bake For The Animals is an annual fundraiser taking place this year from February 24th to March 1st 2020, that encourages the community to bake whatever their hearts desire, and encourage friends and family to donate in exchange for baked goods!

How does it work exactly?

  1. Baking participants can register and find all the finer details here.
  2. Promote your online bakery to friends, family and coworkers and tell them what you’re doing.
  3. Then, when the time comes, BAKE BAKE BAKE! Have fun with your baking! Get creative, try new recipes or decorations!
  4. Deliver your baked goods to anyone who has donated to your online bakery or try holding a bake sale.
  5. Once the event is over, submit your proceeds to the Humane Society and VOILA! You’ve helped make a difference to the lives of animals in Windsor and Essex County.