Report Cruelty

On January 1, 2020 the new Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act came into effect.  On that date, primary responsibility for conducting animal cruelty and welfare investigations transferred from humane societies like ours to government inspectors.  Members of the public who wish to report an animal that they suspect is being neglected or abused are asked to make a report to the government enforcement service at 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625).

The WECHS will continue to work with and support the government enforcement team to provide a seamless transition for the future. In addition to supporting the government’s enforcement services through sheltering abused animals in need, WECHS will continue to offer all the other services we have for the past 93 years to our local community. We will continue to shelter homeless pets and provide them with care, veterinary treatment, and behaviour rehabilitation.  We will continue educating the public about proper care of animals and provide support to the community.  We will also continue to operate our low-cost spay-neuter veterinary clinic. We remain committed to doing all that we can to ensure local animals remain protected.

Provincial inspectors are empowered to alleviate distress of animals, however, it is also vital that they protect the owner’s legal rights during any investigation.  All persons are assumed innocent until proven guilty of committing a crime. That crime must be proven in a court of law and is based on concrete evidence gathered during the investigation. Taking matters into your own hands may be illegal and very often may make it impossible for law enforcement to hold the owner of the animal responsible.  The evidence required to take legal action may be contaminated or no longer available or the owner’s rights may have been ignored which would cause a case to be thrown out of court.