Report Cruelty

Report of alleged abuse or neglect of animals in Windsor or Essex County

You may make an anonymous complaint, however if we are unable to locate the situation concerning you and cannot contact you, your complaint can not be addressed.  We investigate every complaint that is received.  Because of the volume of complaints received and privacy issues, we will normally not contact you after submitting a complaint unless additional information is required.  

Please send an email with your concerns to  Please include the nature of your concern, the name and address (if available) of the owner, and any other information that many assist our investigators.  All complaints will be kept confidential, and the person being investigated will not be told who contacted us.

Or you can notify the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society directly at 519-966-5751.  To reach our investigators, please dial ext 16.  Please note that you will most likely have to leave a message at this extension, as our officers are normally out on the road investigating complaints and helping animals.  Please ensure that you leave a detailed message with the address you are concerned about, as well as your phone number to allow us to call you back with any questions.  We investigate all concerns received, but don’t normally call complainants back with updates.  However, you are welcome to call for an update and we may be able to provide you with a brief outline of the outcome of the investigations. Due to privacy and legal issues we are not able to provide you with all the details of an investigation.

Your complaint is confidential.  We will not tell the person who is being investigated who contacted us with the concern.

As Affiliate Members of the OSPCA, we are obligated to treat each complaint as serious. As investigators, we are legally required to issue specific notices and give the owner of the animal an opportunity to rectify the situation. As Agents of the OSPCA, we have the authority to Order the owner of the animal to provide Veterinary Care, and if it is not provided within a reasonable time frame, to remove the animal and provide the required veterinary care at the owner’s expense.

The current legislation is problematic in that it is either restrictive or weak when it comes to prosecuting animal cruelty complaints. Although the provincial animal welfare laws have been improved in recent years they are still weak in some areas, and the federal (Criminal Code) animal cruelty provisions are desperately out of date and in need of improvement.

Agents are empowered to alleviate distress of animals, however, it is also vital that we protect the owner’s legal rights during any investigation.  All persons are assumed innocent until proven guilty of committing a crime. That crime must be proven in a court of law and is based on concrete evidence gathered during the investigation.

Taking matters into your own hands may be illegal and very often may make it impossible for us to hold the owner of the animal responsible.  The evidence required to take legal action may be contaminated or longer available or the owner’s rights may have been ignored which would cause a case to be thrown out of court.

Anyone who becomes aware of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect is asked to notify the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society at 519-966-5751 or e-mail  For a situation of immediate physical abuse (for example, someone is on the street kicking their dog) please call local police if you are not able to immediately reach us.  Animal welfare concerns can be reported to our investigations department at 519-966-5751, ext 0 (main line) or ext 16 (investigations line). After hours, please leave a voice message or follow prompts to reach our emergency after hours officer.