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Shelter Tours and Offsite Animal Visits

In-Shelter Visits/Tours

For groups of 15 people or less, coming by the shelter for a visit is a great way to learn about the Humane Society while also having fun! Visits are weekdays between 8am-6pm and are approximately 1 hour in length, and include:

  • A tour of the Humane Society (tours are unique and adapted to the group visiting)

  • A visit with animals in our community room

  • A craft or other activity to help the animals in our care (if desired)

In-shelter visits require a minimum $150 donation. Please give minimum 3 weeks notice to book. For after hours shelter visits (6-7pm) a $200 minimum donation is required.

Animal Visit at Your Location

Our staff and volunteers can come to your location for a visit* with animals (typically 1-2 small animals, and a cat or kittens – depending on what animals are in-shelter at time of event), and kids/residents can interact with them while learning about animal care.

*Max. 90 minute visit. For longer events, please get in touch with us!

Off-site visits require a minimum $250 donation. Please give minimum 3 weeks notice to book.

To request a visit, email or call 519-966-5751 ext. 123


**Please note, this program is different from our Humane Education in-school presentation program that is currently on hold. For more information on that program, click HERE.