The Adoption Process

Please note that due to the current public health emergency situation all adoptions are temporarily suspended.  We are NOT accepting any adoption applications at this time.   We look forward to helping you find a new furry friend at a future time.  

So, you’re ready to adopt a pet?  We thank you for considering adoption, and look forward to helping you find your new best friend.  Please feel free to browse our adoptable animals online before you come in (dogs, cats, small animals).  While there’s nothing like visiting with an animal in person, some adopters prefer to have an idea of some of the animals looking for homes before they come in. Or…maybe just daydream until you’re ready to adopt!  Please note that we are not able to put animals on hold for you.  If you’re interested in a particular animal that you see on our web site (especially popular breeds), you should plan to visit our adoption centre as soon as possible.  Applications to adopt are taken on a first come, first served basis.

When you visit our adoption centre you are welcome to just look around.  However, we encourage you to consider filling out an adoption survey first, as it may help you to narrow down your choices to the pets who will be the best fit for your home, as opposed to who is just a pretty face.  The surveys were developed by the ASPCA, and they determine what personality type of animal would be the best fit for your home.  This program is called Meet Your Match (MYM), and is used by many shelters to help adopters find the right pet for them.  For more information about MYM please visit

While filling out a MYM survey is optional when you first come in, you will be required to fill one in prior to visiting with any animals.  And if you want to come in ready to go, you can fill a survey in at home before you arrive (you will receive a copy of your completed survey by email; please print it and bring it with you) – click here to access the dog or cat survey.  These forms need to be printed off as we need a physical copy. Having the form saved on your phone will not work. Our helpful adoption counsellors will introduce you to the pet(s) you’re considering, and give you some background information about them.  All of our adoptable animals have been assessed medically and behaviourally, and we will give you information about anything important that was learned during those assessments.  We will also provide you with what we know about the animal’s history, and anything else we’ve learned about them.  We will also ask you some questions about the information you provided on your survey.  Expect the adoption process to take approximately two hours, so please allow yourself ample time when you visit.

Once you’ve settled on a new friend, our adoption counsellors will ask you for identification (please remember to bring ID with your address when you come to adopt), and give you a time to come and pick up your new friend.  For most animals, your pick-up appointment will be the following day.  This gives you a chance to think about your decision, and also the opportunity to get your home ready for your new pet and pick up any supplies you need.

When you come back for your appointment you will review and sign your adoption contract, receive your pet’s medical record and other important information, and pay your adoption fee.  If you have any questions during this process please don’t hesitate to ask an adoption counsellor – they are here to help you!

Sometimes, when you first take an animal home they will go home as a foster, even though you are eventually planning to adopt.  This may be if they are still receiving medication, if they’re too young to be spayed or neutered, or for a variety of other reasons.  Please read your paperwork carefully, as there is a big difference between fostering an animal and adopting them.  Again, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Too excited to wait until you get to our adoption centre?  You can get a head start and speed up the process by filling in the adoption survey online for dogs and cats (you will receive your completed survey by email; please print and bring it with you) or downloading an adoption survey for small animals:




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