Good Home Guarantee

Good Home Guarantee for Dogs

The Humane Society is proud to be able to offer a “Good Home Guarantee” to every adoptable dog who comes through our doors. The guarantee is our promise that we will find them a home, and that no adoptable dog will be put down. A dog will only be euthanized when it is the only humane option for serious medical or behavioural reasons, or when the dog poses a risk to the safety of others. In many cases, our medical team or behaviour staff can work with an ‘unadoptable’ dog to bring them to a point where they are able to move into our adoption program and find a forever home.

We are also able to help other organizations who have more dogs than they can handle by accepting dogs from them. The dogs may be from nearby shelters, or from many miles away. In all cases the dogs are only accepted when we know that we can find homes for them, and they never will displace a “local” dog from the adoption program.

At this point we are not able to extend our Good Home Guarantee to cats, although we are getting closer every year to reaching that point for cats as well.  No cats are euthanized for space reasons, and we are able to treat many medical and behaviour issues that historically may have prevented a cat from being adopted.


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