Adoption FAQs

Please observe all posted signs while visiting the shelter. An animal that is available for adoption will have an identification card indicating the pet’s breed, estimated age, sex, and personality traits. An “I’m Adopted” card on the kennel means that someone has already adopted that animal and they are waiting to go home.

Please note: We are not able to put animals on hold once you have noticed one on our web site that you may want to adopt. When you are interested in a particular animal that you see on our web site (especially popular breeds), you should arrive at the Humane Society early on the day that you plan to visit. The people who arrive the earliest receive the first choice of animals. Also, expect the adoption process to take approximately two hours or so. Please allow yourself ample time when you visit the Humane Society.


Of course! Our Adoption Counsellors will bring the animal into a room or yard where you can get to know them.
There are no time limits on animals in adoption. They will remain available for adoption until they find a home barring a serious medical or behavioural issue arising.
Owning an animal is an ongoing financial responsibility. You must expect to pay some cost for the care of your pet. Adopting an animal from the Humane Society is a great value given the comprehensiveness of the adoption package.  If you cannot afford to adopt from the Humane Society, you may wish to consider whether or not you can afford the first year costs of a pet.
Donations, bequests, memberships and fundraising subsidize our adoption program. The adoption fee just covers the service provided. If you had to pay separately for all the extras we include in our adoption package, your cost would be 3-5 times greater.