Barn Buddies Adoptions

Got mice

Our Barn Buddies program isn’t for your regular house cat!  We match our most aloof, adventurous cats with caring homes that will let them have the freedom they want.  As an open admission shelter, the Humane Society regularly takes in cats who are unadoptable into a regular home for behaviour reasons, but who are healthy and would do well in a barn or shop environment.

Barn buddies are cats who are independent and self-sufficient, and not what you’d call cuddlers.  Some people might call them “mousers” or “rodent managers” because they typically prefer to live outdoors with a barn or shed to sleep in and a steady supply of food and water for the days that the hunting doesn’t go well!  Sometimes, with patience and kindness they can be won over to trust people more, but many of them will always keep a bit of wariness around anyone with two legs!  Some Barn Buddies are cats who are social, but have a high prey drive which can lead to problems in a regular home without a “job” to keep them busy.

Prospective adopters interested in adopting a Barn Buddy are invited to call us at 519-966-5751, ext 13 or email You must have a protective enclosure for the cat to easily enter, be willing to feed the cat each day (these animals cannot be expected to live on what they may or may not catch), and must be willing to continue veterinary care as required. All Barn Buddies are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and vet checked.  Barn buddy adoptions are by donation to help spay and neuter more barn buddies; a tax receipt is available for donations over $20 (donations under $20 are not eligible for a tax receipt).  The barn buddy adoption application is available here, or you can fill one out at our Adoption Centre.