Adoption fees



Dogs (7 months and older) $210.00*
Puppies (under 7 months) $375.00*
Small dogs (less than 30 lbs) $295.00*
Cats (5 months and older) $125.00*
Kittens (4 months and younger) $150.00*
Golden Oldies (Cats/Dogs 8 years and older) Adoption fee is half the regular cost
Pocket pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas) Fees vary by species.  Hamsters $10, GP’s $20
Rabbits (spayed or neutered) $20.00
Adoption Diva** A $50.00 surcharge will apply

A second dog priced equal to or less than the first, may be adopted at the same time for 50% off regular fee.  A second cat priced equal to or less than the first, may be adopted at the same time for FREE.

*All dogs, cat and rabbit adoptions are subject to a $30 non-refundable administration fee payable at the time the animal leaves with the adopter.

**What is an adoption diva? These are animals who, for various reasons, will be in high demand by adopters. We ask adopters of these animals to pay a little bit extra to help out the animals who have to wait much longer for their forever homes.

Adoption Price Includes

  • A health exam by a veterinarian
  • Age Appropriate Vaccinations (DA2PP and Bordetella for dogs, FVRCP for cats, and Rabies for all dogs and cats over 16 weeks of age)
  • Microchip identification
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Flea treatment
  • Standard deworming
  • Food sample and coupons from Royal Canin
  • Heartworm and tick borne disease testing (for dogs 7 months and older), as well as a heartworm prevention treatment
  • Dogs receive two training sessions as part of their adoption fee
  • Feline aids/feline leukemia testing is available for cats for a $30 extra fee
  • 30 days of pet insurance (optional; adopter must sign up for a plan to receive this)
  • Please note some animals may receive more tests or treatments (this information will be outlined in the medical record you receive for your adopted pet)

Please remember that the adoption fee (especially from the Humane Society) is usually one of the least expensive parts of owning a pet.  Check out this calculator to estimate your projected yearly costs of pet ownership: