Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

The Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society doesn’t use the term “no kill” because it is decisive in the sheltering community, and also misleading. Any responsible caregiver must at times make a humane choice to euthanize an animal. However, we don’t euthanize any animals other than for very severe medical or behaviour issues. Read more at
We keep all healthy, adoptable animals as long as it takes to find them a new home. For some animals this can mean living at the shelter for six weeks or more until the right home is available. The length of stay for animals varies. No animal is ever euthanized due to lack of space or because the animal has simply been here too long.
The Ontario SPCA and the Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society are independent and each administered by our own management and boards of directors. When donating to the Ontario SPCA, those funds will be use to support programs across Ontario; donations to the Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society stay in our community to help animals locally.
The Ontario SPCA has decided to withdraw from enforcing cruelty laws in Ontario, but the Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society continues to perform these life-saving services locally under the authority of the provincial government. The government of Ontario is working to create a new animal welfare act, but at present you can continue to report suspected cruelty, neglect, or abuse of an animal to us, and an inspector will investigate.