Happy endings aren’t just for dogs and cats! This is Tulla, and as you can see, she’s made a remarkable transformation since she was seized from her home in January. She is now healthy – and loved by her new mom! Tulla’s former owner has pled guilty to permitting Tulla to be in distress. She was placed on probation for 2 years, required to surrender a bird (who was seized in poor condition at the same time) to the Humane Society, prevented from obtaining any new animals for 5 years, and ordered to pay $640 restitution to the Humane Society for her animals’ care.

Tulla happy and healthy in April 2018

Tulla when she arrived at the Humane Society in January 2018

Check out these awesome girls!  Peyton decided to help the animals instead of asking for gifts on her 8th birthday, and the entrepreneurial team of Ella, Keelin and Camryn sold toys for a school project and donated a portion of the money they raised to the animals.  Thank you all for being such caring young people!