After a very busy morning, ALL 130 of the May community cat spay/neuter coupons have been sold. The next sale date will be Saturday, June 16.

This special promotion is possible thanks to the generous support of Petsmart Charities of Canada.  On May 18, June 16, and July 21 we will be selling coupons at the Humane Society Veterinary Clinic for only $10 (limited purchase of 2 coupons per person per day). The coupons can be redeemed for a FREE spay/neuter surgery at the Humane Society spay/neuter clinic. A limited number of coupons are available, and coupons must be used within 6 weeks of purchase. Coupons may be transferred to a person other than the purchaser for use.

For her 11th birthday, Hailey decided to ask for donations for the animals.  She and her friends had a great time designing their own shirts for the party, and then they stopped by our adoption centre to drop off everyone’s donations!  We hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday Hailey, and on behalf of the animals – thank you!

The birthday girl with her friends!


During their visit, Hailey and her friends got training tips from our behaviour team.


Amy and Cheryl decided to throw a party, and raise money to help animals at the same time. They auctioned off a variety of artwork at their Spring Fling event, and stopped by the Humane Society recently to donate the proceeds. Adorable Orka was very happy to help us say thank you!


Sometimes dogs come to the shelter that need a little extra time and training to get them ready for adoption. With issues ranging from leash training to jumping to food or toy guarding, time spent working on their bad habits will help increase their chances of finding their forever home.

We’re looking for fosters for bootcamp dogs, willing to learn and use positive reinforcement training in their home.  You will have exclusive access to our Behaviour staff to help you along the way and provide you with the tools you will need to be successful.  This will be a great opportunity for those who have always wanted to learn positive reinforcement training.

Join us for more information on this exciting program at an orientation session from 6PM-7:30PM on Thursday May 10 at the Humane Society Community Room.

Contact to register!

Happy endings aren’t just for dogs and cats! This is Tulla, and as you can see, she’s made a remarkable transformation since she was seized from her home in January. She is now healthy – and loved by her new mom! Tulla’s former owner has pled guilty to permitting Tulla to be in distress. She was placed on probation for 2 years, required to surrender a bird (who was seized in poor condition at the same time) to the Humane Society, prevented from obtaining any new animals for 5 years, and ordered to pay $640 restitution to the Humane Society for her animals’ care.

Tulla happy and healthy in April 2018

Tulla when she arrived at the Humane Society in January 2018

Check out these awesome girls!  Peyton decided to help the animals instead of asking for gifts on her 8th birthday, and the entrepreneurial team of Ella, Keelin and Camryn sold toys for a school project and donated a portion of the money they raised to the animals.  Thank you all for being such caring young people!

“This week our little family celebrated our 2 year adoptaversary of our babies Thomas and Giselle. We stumbled upon them when visiting the shelter and my boyfriend and I instantly fell in love. Needless to say that we are head over heels in love with these two. They sleep with us every night. Giselle on my head and Thomas on our stomachs. They greet us with chirps every time we come home and are little purring machines. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to bring these two into our lives. We are forever grateful for your compassion towards animals and helping these beautiful babies find their forever home. ”

With love,

The Keefner Family

We’ve had some really caring kids stop by recently to help the animals!

Knox and Kane celebrated their birthdays by asking for gifts for the animals instead of themselves! 

Serena celebrated her birthday at the Humane Society, and she and her friends left lots of goodies behind!

Reese celebrated her 12th birthday by collecting donations of supplies and support of the Pumpkin Fund, so held animals with extraordinary medical needs!

For the second year in a row, sweet little Aiden collected cash donations and supplies instead of gifts for himself when celebrating his birthday!  He just turned 4.

Ava and Sophia decided to help animals in need!

Thanks kids, for being so awesome!





Jennifer never ceases to amaze us with the success of her annual participation in Cupcake Day – this year, she raised over $1700 to help her furry friends here at the Humane Society, including Soya, who just had to say thank you to Jennifer when she came to drop off her donation!

These are some of the fantastic Grade 8 students at AV Graham, who wanted to help their furry friends at the Humane Society. Miss McGregor’s Rotary Club Kindness received a  $50 grant and made puppy toys from blankets!