Our hearts go out to Layla’s family, who lost her in a tragic accident yesterday.  Layla was adopted from the Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society in 2015, and was adored by her family.  She was especially close to her dad, so much so that her final act was to crawl closer to be near him following their accident.  RIP Layla; run free at the Rainbow Bridge.

The wonderful staff from Skyline Living volunteered their time to help us put up the plastic sheeting on the outdoor runs for the dogs, which helps to protect them from the cold winter winds. Thank you for helping keep the dogs warm this winter!

Sophia had everything she wanted, so for her 8th birthday, she wanted to give to the animals to help them out. And look at all of the wonderful donations she brought in! She wants to be a vet when she is older, and we can see that she has the love of animals that makes for a great veterinarian!

For Brooke’s 10th birthday, she asked for donations for her furry friends at WECHS instead of gifts for herself! Thank you for being so selfless and thinking of the animals, and happy birthday from all of your furry friends!

The selflessness and generosity of the young people in our community never ceases to touch our hearts! For Sydney’s 5th birthday, she asked for donations for the humane society instead of presents for herself! Thank you for helping the animals Sydney!