This wonderful little girl is Molly, and at just 6 years old, she already has a generous, giving spirit! She asked her friends for donations to help her furry friends instead of presents for her 6th birthday.

Thank you Molly, and happy birthday!


This is Ava, age 8 and Tess, age 6. and these wonderful girls raised a whopping $200 for us by asking everyone to donate to their furry friends rather than give them each birthday gifts! They also topped off their generous donation by bringing in some pet food. Thank you girls, and happy birthday!

Lauren (age 9) and Connor (age 5) stopped by to drop off donations they bought after organizing a lemonade stand to help their furry friends. They bought paper towels and lysol wipes to help keep the shelter clean. Thank you for your kind donation and hard work!

Want to curl up with a feline friend while doing homework?  Then you’ll want to visit the Humane Society this Monday!  For one day only, all adult cats will be available by donation.  Pay the $30 admin fee, make a donation of an amount of your choosing, and bring home a friend for life!

We are open from 11AM-7PM on Monday, August 28 for the promotion.

Morgan saw our Facebook post about needing canned dog food donations, and generously decided to use her allowance to purchase food for her furry friends. Thank you for being so thoughtful Morgan – the dogs certainly appreciate it!

Aelwynn and Eleanor stopped by to drop off their donation to help their animal friends – they had a lemonade stand to raise money for WECHS, and also topped it off by donating their allowance! Thank you for being so generous!