These two wonderful sisters – Amelia (8y) and Claire (6y) – asked for donations for their furry friends here at WECHS instead of presents for their birthdays. They donated $40, as well as enough supplies to fill our cart! Thank you girls, and happy birthday!


Maeghan is just 13 yrs old, but she’s already a charitable entrepreneur! She raised $125 selling “Maeghan’s Puppy Apparel” for the Humane Society.  You can like Maeghan’s Puppy Apparel on facebook to see how you can purchase accessories to help the animals!

Julie celebrated her birthday with us here at the Humane Society, and instead of gifts, she asked her friends to bring in donations to help the animals. Thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift to the animals Julie, and happy birthday!

A few of the residents from St Clair Beach Retirement stopped by to help us with making toys for the many cats here at the Humane Society, and then visited with them afterwards so that they could say thank you!


These fantastic people are from Lauzon Tower, and they organized a fantastic fundraiser to help the animals at the Humane Society! The residents and staff of 1330 Lauzon donated items for a yard sale, as well as had a BBQ, and donated the proceeds to help their furry friends. They raised a whopping $2130! A HUGE thank you to everyone from Lauzon Tower for their dedication to helping the animals!

Not only did Steven from Just a Touch of Love Woodworking donate his time and talent to make the adorable dog cut-outs to decorate our Dog Park, but he also made beautiful wooden keychains as a gift to all of the WECHS staff! He is also making these keychains to sell, with proceeds going toward helping the animals here at the shelter. To get in touch with Steven, visit the “Just a Touch of Love Woodworking” Facebook Page here.

Thank you SO MUCH Steven, for all of your generosity and support!

The staff at the CIBC branch on Huron Line stopped by to drop off a huge donation! The staff donate to wear jeans throughout the year, and they raised $500.

Dawn, Deb, Karla and Fara stopped by to visit with the animals and drop off their donation – thank you so much!

Meko decided that rather than receive gifts for herself for her 9th birthday, she would ask friends and family for donations to help her furry friends at the Humane Society. Thank you for being so generous Meko!

Juliette’s family stopped by to drop off donations for the dogs that they had requested instead of gifts for her 1st birthday. Thank you for helping the animals!

Abby & Emma stopped by today to drop off donation’s Emma collected instead of gifts for her 11th birthday. While they were here they learned quite a bit about kittens and cats!