We have SO many cats and kittens available for adoption right now that we’re waiving adoption fees for adult cats AND offering 50% off kitten adoption fees for two days only! Come by Friday and Saturday and find a new feline friend, while helping us make room in our Adoption Centre for the new kitties coming in daily.

When Cheryl retired from Canadian Border Services, her coworkers wanted to do something special for her.  But rather than a gift for herself, she asked them to make a donation to the animals at the Humane Society.  Thanks Cheryl and coworkers for being so caring.  Happy retirement!

Joe came all the way to the Humane Society from his new home in Chatham for two wonderful reasons.

Firstly, Joe turned 10 years old recently, and instead of asking for gifts for himself, he asked for donations to help his animal friends.

Secondly, he has a family of cats living around his new home, and he and his family brought them all to our spay/neuter clinic to get fixed so that they can have better lives.

Thank you for your kindness Joe, and happy birthday!


These fantastic girls are Emma and Morgan, and they set up a lemonade stand and food drive at their mom’s store – Amherstburg Flowers and Gifts – to collect food for the animals here at WECHS. They brought 26 bags for their furry friends! Thank you for all of your hard work and generosity!

Rhiannon is already so thoughtful and giving at just 8 years old! She did a food drive for the animals for her North Star Award for Scouts – thank you for all of your hard work Rhiannon!

Olivia, Fraser, Katie, Sophie, Austin, Emily, Jersey, Alessandra, Lex, and Jack are a generous group of friends – they had the brilliant idea of setting up a lemonade stand right across from Art in the Park, and donated the proceeds to help their animal friends at the Humane Society. Thank you for all of your hard work!

These two wonderful sisters – Amelia (8y) and Claire (6y) – asked for donations for their furry friends here at WECHS instead of presents for their birthdays. They donated $40, as well as enough supplies to fill our cart! Thank you girls, and happy birthday!


Maeghan is just 13 yrs old, but she’s already a charitable entrepreneur! She raised $125 selling “Maeghan’s Puppy Apparel” for the Humane Society.  You can like Maeghan’s Puppy Apparel on facebook to see how you can purchase accessories to help the animals!

Julie celebrated her birthday with us here at the Humane Society, and instead of gifts, she asked her friends to bring in donations to help the animals. Thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift to the animals Julie, and happy birthday!

A few of the residents from St Clair Beach Retirement stopped by to help us with making toys for the many cats here at the Humane Society, and then visited with them afterwards so that they could say thank you!