winners walker rd

This cart is stuffed full of supplies to help the animals here thanks to the generosity of Vanessa Pucovsky and the staff at Winners on Walker Road. Thank you so much for your kind donation!

Lemonade stand kids

Jessica, MacKenzie, Selena, Sloan and Paige stopped by to donate the $30 they raised from their lemonade stand last summer.

Thank you girls for all of your hard work and dedication to the animals!

Belle River P.S. Curiosity Club donation

The Curiosity Club program at the Greater Essex County District School Board encourages students to develop confidence in themselves as learners through inquiry based learning, and focusing on the needs in the community.

The Belle River Public School Curiosity Club, with a grant from the school board, chose to donate items to the animals here at the Humane Society. They discussed the importance of pet care, and developed a sense of empathy for those animals who do not have food, shelter, or a family to love.

Using our wish list and their own brainstorming, the students used the grant to purchase animal beds, food, toys and treats as part of their pay-it-forward project.

Thank you to the Belle River P.S. Curiosity Club for thinking of the needs of the animals here, and for all of your hard work!

HGS Canada donation

Tanya from HGS Canada dropped off a cart full of donations, including food for the animals! Thank you for being such a kind and community-minded company, and for thinking of the animals here at WECHS!

Aspen Lake residents cat enrichment

Some residents of Aspen Lake stopped by to help us make cat enrichment toys. These toys help exercise the cats’ brains while they’re in the kennels, keeping them busy, happy and entertained.

Thank you to all the residents of Aspen Lake who stopped by to help us improve the lives of the cats in our care!

Zehrs Christine Josie gift baskets

Josie and Christine from Zehrs in St. Clair Beach stopped by with some beautiful gift basket donations! They won a $500 gift card and instead of spending it on themselves at the store they decided to purchase donations for us. Thank you for being so thoughtful and for helping the animals here!

Mya collected from school church etc

9 year old Mya was hard at work these last few weeks, collecting boxes and boxes of food, toys, blankets and more to help the animals here. She spoke at church and collected boxes there, as well as at school and at her parents’ workplaces.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to helping animals Mya!

matthew spencer 8th bday collection

Matthew asked his friends and family for donations to help the animals for his 8th birthday. Thank you for being so thoughtful and kind Matthew!

Danielle Starbucks

Starbucks in Lakeshore collected donations for WECHS throughout the month of March, and Danielle dropped off all the donations and food today! Thank you to the Starbucks Lakeshore staff and customers for your generosity!

Today wraps up National Volunteer Week, and we wanted to share some photos of a few of our great volunteers in action!  From fostering, to helping adopters, to providing animal enrichment, to providing office support – we rely on our 400+ volunteers in many ways and want to send all our dedicated volunteers a big thank you!