Affordable Home Services Poster


If you’re checking out the Home Show this weekend, be sure to stop by the Affordable Home Services booth! They are donating $10 from the sale of every window and door to WECHS!

10 year old Ben made these beautiful construction paper snowflakes over the holidays, and sold them for donations for to help Justice and the rest of the animals at WECHS. He raised $345! Thank you for all of your hard work Ben!

Ben snowflakes

Emma and friend Danica with Trump


Emma, pictured with her friend Danica and Trump, collected donations around her neighbourhood by going door to door. Thank you for helping the animals Emma!

Rufus 2



“Rufus (previously known as Spot) has found his place here quite quickly…. He is such a gentle but goofy boy….

Day one was a rough one with a steep learning curve (rainy day so stuck inside with minimal house manners) but within a couple days, you’d have thought Rufus had been here for years.

He and Zucco (my Brittany) are like long lost pals, Rufus is rambunctious and goofy but knows when he needs to be gentle with Zucco (he’s a senior boy). We have had rides in the car, gone on nice long walks and Rufus has met lots of friends, family and furry friends and family and he steals everyone’s heart immediately. He has become quite a toy hog and has learned very quickly that he likes treats. He is such a gentle loving boy and we are very lucky to have him as an addition to our family. Thank you for making that possible!”

  • ❤️🐾🐾 Bonnie, Zucco and Rufus

Grace celebrated Cupcake Day with her Grandma Carolyn in a big way! Her grandma baked lots of cupcakes, which Grace sold to raise $602 for WECHS! This is her second year participating in Cupcake Day – a huge thank you to Grace and her grandmother for all their hard work!

Grace is pictured here with her Mom dropping off the donation.


Grace Cupcake 2 Grace Cupcake

Jennifer had set a goal for herself – to raise more than she did last year, which was an amazing $800. This Cupcake Day, she did just that – with the support of coworkers, selling cupcakes and tickets to win some great gift baskets, Jennifer raised over $1200 for the animals here at the Humane Society.

A huge thank you to Jennifer for all her hard work! The cupcakes and treats look delicious and adorable!

Jennifer Gray CD 7

Jennifer Gray Cheque

Jennifer Gray CD 1 Jennifer Gray CD 10 Jennifer Gray CD 9 Jennifer Gray CD 8 Jennifer Gray CD 7 Jennifer Gray CD 6 Jennifer Gray CD 5 Jennifer Gray CD 4 Jennifer Gray CD 3 Jennifer Gray CD 2 Jennifer Gray CD 1

mary laslett cupcake day


Mary hosted her own Cupcake Party in celebration of National Cupcake Day, raising money for the animals here at the Humane Society!

“I had a great time baking and couldn’t just make one kind of cupcake made 5 different flavours …I raised close to 300.0” says Mary.

Thanks for all your hard work Mary!