While Justice appears to be doing worse, this is all part of his healing process.  He required a third surgery December 28 to remove damaged tissue in and around his mouth and jaw, and to suture the healthy tissue together. This setback was expected as his mouth continues to heal, and it’s likely that he will require at least one more surgery to repair the damage done to his mouth by the tightly wrapped electrical tape (in addition to a future surgery for his pre-existing dental issues). Surgery is risky for Justice due to his heartworm infection, but is necessary to address the trauma he suffered. The risks are minimized by monitoring him closely while he’s under anesthesia.  Despite the challenges he had today, he remains active and playful and eating well.

Justice Dec 28 6

Justice wasn’t impressed with his cone collar!

Justice Dec 28 Justice Dec 28 1

Irene, Addyson and Celine donated two lovely gift baskets for the animals to enjoy this holiday season. Thank you for such a lovely and thoughtful gift, from all the animals staying with us!


Irene Addyson and Celine donated 2 gift baskets for the animals

December 19

The outpouring of support for Justice, the dog found in Windsor with his muzzle, paws, and neck tightly bound with electrical tape, has been overwhelming.

Today Justice is bright and alert, and is eating well. However, veterinarians have found that the injuries to his mouth as a result of his abuse are more serious than they first appeared. Much more of the tissue inside his mouth has been severely damaged than was originally apparent, and he is on a variety of medications to try to save as much of the remaining tissue as possible. Testing has also confirmed that Justice is positive for heartworm. 

An arrest has been made in this case; the investigation is ongoing.

Donations towards Justice’s care may be made online at http://windsorhumane.org/. While many people have contacted the Humane Society offering to adopt Justice, at this point because he will require medical care for some time prior to being available for adoption no applications are being accepted.

Justice day two profile Justice day 2 resting


December 21

Justice’s recovery is continuing. He required surgery yesterday to remove some of the damaged tissue in his mouth but he came through it well, and continues to eat and be active. He still requires heavy pain medication, and Humane Society veterinary staff are taking his progress day by day. The good news is that swelling in his neck and three of his paws has gone down. We’re passing along everyone’s good wishes, and telling him that many people care about him and want him to get well. Our thanks to everyone who has already brought in items to make him comfortable and contributed to his medical care; with your help we are able to do everything possible to help him recover.

Justice day 3


Scotiabank Dec 2015 Donation

Scotiabank held a Pet Pictures event to raise money for WECHS, and generously donated the proceeds, plus their own donation, to help the animals this holiday season! Our Executive Director, Melanie Coulter, is pictured here with Scotiabank staff, along with little Algernon. Thank you to the Scotiabank staff and customers for all of their support over the years!

Posters from Sandwich West Grade 2sPosters from Sandwich West Grade 2s 2

A big thank you to Sandwich West Grade 2 students for the beautiful posters they made to decorate our Adoption Centre lobby! It is so nice to see young people thinking about the animals here. Stop by and see their artwork!

The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society is seeking information from the public about a serious case of animal cruelty.  On Thursday, December 17 a Windsor man was walking his two dogs beside the Canadian Tire on Walker Road when they discovered a small dog lying in the grass. When our officers responded they found the dog’s muzzle, paws, and neck tightly bound with electrical tape.  The dog was unable to move, having difficulty breathing, and his mouth and paws were extremely swollen.  He was immediately rushed to a veterinarian for care.

The dog, now named Justice, would likely not have survived more than a few more hours had he not been found.  Even after the tape was removed, he was initially unable to stand, and his mouth remains swollen.  Fortunately, because he was rescued in time, veterinarians expect him to eventually make a full recovery.

Justice is an approximately 7 year old unneutered male dog.  He is a small breed dog with a cropped tail, weighing only approximately 13 pounds.  He had a pre-existing dental and mouth issue that would have caused him to have foul breath for some time.  It is believed that he was dumped late Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning.  Anyone with information about who may have neglected, tortured, and abandoned Justice is asked to call the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society cruelty investigations department at 519-966-5751, ext 16 or Crimestoppers at 519-258-8477.  You are not required to provide your name to make a report, and you may be eligible for a reward through Crimestoppers.

Donations towards Justice’s care may be made online at www.windsorhumane.org.

CAUTION: The photos below are disturbing.  Viewer discretion advised.  


Justice tape removed

Justice after the tape was removed

Justice at scene looking upJustice at sceneJustice profileJustice at vetJustice from above