Oliver birthday donation

For this 10th birthday Oliver Juracic asked for donations instead of presents. Thank you for being so selfless and generous Oliver! Happy birthday from all your furry friends.

Dog walking donation

These amazing girls just donated $300 of their hard earned money to help the animals at WECHS! Alyssa and Bailey walked dogs to raise money for us, and we’d like to say a big thank you from all the staff, volunteers and furry friends here at the Humane Society!

Final Football Poster

On September 12 and 13, join us for a Petsmart Adoption Weekend. We are having a great promotion all weekend – enjoy 50% off any new furry friend over the age of 5 months! *Conditions apply.

Humane Society staff, volunteers and adoptable animals will be at both Windsor Petsmart stores (4001 Legacy Park Drive and 3164 Dougall Ave) from 11AM-4PM on September 12 and 13. You can also stop by the shelter to see more of our adoptable animals! All adoptions made this weekend receive a package from Petsmart of great coupons and deals.

*CONDITIONS: Discount applies to animals over 5 months of age only. Admin fee of $30 applies to all adoptions. Discounts cannot be combined. Discount applies to adoption applications submitted on September 12 and 13, 2015 only. The Humane Society reserves the right to decline any adoption application.

Juno Ellis Lemonade Stand

Juno and Ellis raised $60 for the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society at their lemonade stand so that they could help the animals here. Thank you for being so thoughtful and generous!

We were forwarded a wonderful letter by the Trillium Foundation, written by a grandmother who had felt she needed to express her gratitude for the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society’s Humane Education Program to the organization that helped it become a possibility with a Trillium Foundation grant. The anonymous author wrote the following letter in praise of our Humane Education Program and its coordinator, Steve Palombo:

“I’m hoping with all possibilities that this letter will end up in the proper hands. I’m a grandmother of 6 grandchildren, I’ve lived in the Essex County area all my life. I’m a volunteer for several organizations and my passion is my love for my family. This past school year I’ve learned through one of my grandsons that the Windsor [Essex County] Humane Society has hired a coordinator to implement a program for Windsor and Essex County. This program with the help from the Trillium Foundation is to teach Humane Education to our children from grades K-12.

Well, just a brief story why I need to express my gratitude to Mr. Steve Palombo, the coordinator, and the Trillium Foundation for providing the funds. When Mr. Palombo came into one of [my] grandsons’ classrooms, the impact that he would have on my grandson was in no way predictable. You see, this particular grandson has been bullying his classmates and friends for several years now. His family, professionals and even myself have tried to make him see his ways and instruct him that this behaviour was unacceptable. However, Mr. Palombo’s presentation, talk and demonstrations changed my grandson in ways I cannot explain. He seems happier and not so angry, it has changed my grandson! He still talks about that day when Mr. Palombo came, he loved it! He has rediscovered himself and wants to work with animals too! Not sure where this will take him, but I do know that this program and this wonderful coordinator has made an enormous impact in my family.

I hope with all my heart that this program will continue to develop and hopefully be part of each classroom in all grade levels. To the Trillium Foundation, I wish to express my wishes in hoping you recognize the efforts of Mr. Palombo in making this program what it is and hopefully what it will become in the future. I believe that you need passion to impact our young children today and it seems to my grandson that Mr. Palombo demonstrated all aspects of Humane Education. I felt it wasn’t necessary or important to identify myself, you just needed to know how I felt.

My sincere gratitude to Mr. Palombo and the Trillium Foundation”

Congratulations Steve on a job well done! To learn more about our Humane Education program, click HERE.



Spoontastic Treats and The City Market are holding a fantastic event to raise money for the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society. For only $3, you can get yourself a pancake breakfast while enjoying the beautiful new market at 1030 Walker Road. The event starts at 9AM on Saturday, September 5.