****WARNING – graphic photos below


A few days into 2015, a very special cat came through our doors. Her people brought her in because she had an extremely serious eye infection that had caused her to go blind and they were unable to afford treatment for her. This infection would have caused her a lot of pain, but despite that, the kitten was extremely affectionate and didn’t stop purring! Our veterinarian was concerned that the infection could spread to her brain so immediately started her on a treatment of antibiotics to reduce the infection in preparation for surgery. Once the inflammation was minimized, she was able to have surgery to remove her diseased and irritating eye tissue. She has now made a full recovery, and is looking for a home where she will have a person of her own to love her as much as she loves everyone she meets.

Kayla by Angie

Kayla is only about 4 months old, and while it’s easy to feel sorry for her because of her lack of sight she doesn’t feel sorry for herself! Once she gets used to her surroundings she will navigate with surprising ease, and with her keen senses of smell and hearing she will be able to enjoy a full and happy life!

Kayla by Angie 2



Kayla before her surgery:

Kayla before surgery

Kayla before surgery 2

The Humane Society urges all pet owners to ensure their dogs & cats have current vaccinations!

To help increase the number of animals who are vaccinated in our community, a number of veterinary clinics have stepped forward to participate in a special vaccine drive. The following clinics are offering a special for two weeks only from February 1 – 14, where a brief exam and basic vaccines (rabies and DA2PP vaccines for dogs; rabies and FVRCP vaccines for cats) will be available for $50 (plus tax). Pet owners must call the clinics directly to book an appointment. You must have an appointment. Individual Clinics reserve the right to exclude patients from this promotion.

Participating Clinics

Ambassador Animal Hospital
1345 Tecumseh Rd W, Windsor

Belle River Animal Clinic
576 Broadway St, Belle River

Branton Animal Hospital
2525 Tecumseh Rd W, Windsor

Cat Clinic of Windsor
1277 Grand Marais Rd W, Windsor

Central Animal Hospital
2315 Central Ave, Windsor

Dougall Veterinary Hospital
3020 Dougall Ave, Windsor

Harrow Animal Hospital
110 King Street W, Harrow

Lauzon Veterinary Hospital
1315 Lauzon Rd, Windsor

Lesperance Animal Hospital
1046 Lesperance Rd, Tecumseh

Pesic Animal Hospital
7717 Wyandotte St E, Windsor

Rivard Animal Hospital
5635 Tecumseh Road E, Windsor

Roseland Animal Hospital
3833 Dougall Ave, Windsor
Full examination included

South Howard Animal Clinic
7250 Howard, RR1, Oldcastle

Talbot Street Animal Hospital
48 Talbot S, Essex

Tilbury Veterinary Clinic
2 Louise Street, Tilbury

Town and Country Animal Clinic
2055 Sandwich W Pkwy, LaSalle

Wheatley Animal Hospital
174 Erie Street North, Wheatley

Because the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society Veterinary Clinic is focused on spay and neuter and only offers vaccines at the time of surgery, our clinic is not participating in this promotion. If you require spay or neuter services for your pet please call us at 519-966-1118 or visit windsorhumanevetclinic.org.

Thank you to Paisley, who had her birthday party goers bring her donations for the Humane Society instead of gifts. She brought us lots of food, toys and other wonderful gifts to help the animals. Thank you for your kindness Paisley!


This promo is currently sold out. However, cat spays are on sale for $50 until July. Call the clinic for more details. 519-966-1118. Calls will be returned in order they are received.

Beat the heat this year – have your female cat spayed at the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society Veterinary Clinic for only $20 during the month of February!

We will start booking appointments today for this special promo; because of expected demand appointments are limited to two per person. To book your cat’s appointment call 519-966-1118.

Our thanks for PetSmart Charities of Canada for sponsoring this special promo and helping to ensure that more animals in our community are spayed!

Over 2,000 animals were adopted from our Humane Society in 2014 – a record annual total in our 88 year history! Number 2,011 was Harper who went home with her family New Year’s Eve!

We hope keep these number growing and to see you and help you find your new best friend for 2015.

Harper Family

Owen, Noah, and Cooper received Petsmart gift cards for Christmas. They went out and bought a bunch of toys, treats, and blankets with them to help make the animals at the Humane Society happier over the holidays. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!

Holiday Gifts