When Bart came to the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society he was crawling with fleas. The parasites had sucked a large amount of blood from his tiny body, and he was weak and frail as a result.  But thanks to a transfusion of blood from hero blood donor Alakazam (who was up for adoption waiting for his new home) he is now strong and healthy and ready for adoption!

Now bonded by blood, these two cats have become good friends.  They are now hanging out together in our adoption centre, and hoping to soon find a forever home where they will be loved and cared for.  While we would like to see them go home together, they may also be adopted separately.

To adopt Alakazam or Bart, please visit the Humane Society’s adoption centre at 1375 Provincial Road, Windsor.  Adoption hours are Wednesday through Friday from 11am to 8pm, and Saturday through Tuesday from 11am to 6pm.

Alakazam & Bart - Low Res 2

Ayla and her 5 year old brother Evan, raised $44.50 from a yard sale where they also sold freezies and bottled water.  Ayla, will be 8 in September and it was her idea to organize this fundraiser for the animals at the Humane Society.  Thank you Ayla and Evan, you two rock!  Thank you for your compassion and support!


A big thank you to four girls, Grace, Rowan, Lilly & Charlotte, for fundraising for the animals. Together they raised $28 by making and selling bracelets and having a lemonade stand. Great work girls!

Grace, Rowan, Lilly & Charlotte - Bracelet & Lemonade Fundraiser

Hope and Liam were busy this summer making bracelets. They sold the bracelets and donated the money to the Humane Society. Hope says “my brother Liam and I wanted to help animals in need of help. By help we mean finding them new homes and nurse them to health”. Together they raised $35.45 for the animals! Thank you so much! And a big thank you to their parents who raised $200 at a local golf tournament. You make helping animals possible!

Hope & Liam - Bracelets

We’d like to say a special thank you to Sarah, Amanda, Juliana, and Gina who made delicious cupcakes and sold them in front of the Humane Society.  They raised $24 for the animals.  They also donated Canadian Tire money and towels.  You girls ROCK!  Thank you so much for your generosity!



Every month, Kimberly Miller & Alan Saad from Manor Windsor Realty Ltd. choose a local charity and gifts that charity a $250 donation on behalf of the team.  This month, the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society received the donation.  Thank you Kimberly and Alan for your generous gift.  The animals and staff at the Humane Society truly appreciates your support!


Thank you Julia! She made hand made bracelets and sold them at a Pet Wise Adoption event. She was able to raise $75 to help the animals at the Humane Society! Great work Julia!

Julia - Bracelet Donation