Tickets are once again available for our Cheer for a Year Lottery. This is your chance to win LCBO Gift Cards for a YEAR! Five fabulous prizes are available. Tickets are at the Humane Society and Nancy Johns Gallery 3 tickets for $10. The draw will take place Wednesday, December 18th at the Humane Society. Get your tickets before they are gone!


  1. Five (5) prizes to be drawn at the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society on Wednesday December 18th, 2013 at noon (12pm).
    1. Two first prizes of 52 LCBO gift cards valued at $20 each ($1,040 total value)
    2. Two second prizes of 26 LCBO gift cards valued at $20 each ($520 total value)
    3. One third prize of 13 LCBO gift cards valued at $20 each ($260 total value)
  2. Only five (5) winning tickets will be drawn.
  3. No one under the age of 19 shall be eligible to purchase a ticket or win the prize.
  4. The winners shall be notified by telephone on the day of the draw. The winners will be published on the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society’s website.
  5. If any of the prizes are not claimed, they shall be secured or placed in safe keeping for a period of one (1) year from the date of the draw. If at that time the prize has not been claimed, the prize shall be donated to a beneficiary approved by the licensing authority.
  6.  Only the prizes as described and approved in the license application shall be awarded.
  7. The value of the prizes includes the amount of any duty, tax, sales tax, or other costs. The prizes shall be awarded free and clear of any mortgage, lien, or any other encumbrances.

Thank you to everyone who has collected Zehr’s grocery tapes for us over the years. Loblaws has discontinued this program and we are no longer eligible. We no longer accept grocery tapes of any kind. Thank you again to everyone who has participated in this program with us throughout the years. As always, we still appreciate all cash donations.

This year, instead of asking for presents for her 11th birthday, Rachel asked for items to help the Humane Society animals.  Rachel received many generous donations from her friends and family.  Thank you Rachel, your gift basket will help many animals in need.  You are truly a remarkable 11 year old!  Happy Birthday!



Last October, Kim Hillier adopted her dog Jilly from the Humane Society.  Jilly has made a big impact on the Hillier family and Kim made the decision to do something special for the Humane Society.  Using her artistic abilities, Kim created “Pet Silhouettes”.  Pet owners gave Kim their favourite pet picture and Kim turned it into a beautiful one-of-a-kind art piece.  Kim painted a total of 30 canvases to date and has raised $460 for the shelter.  She has really enjoyed using her love of painting as a way to give back to an organization that has given her so much.


In celebration of all things pumpkin this fall, The Twisted Apron will be holding an event to raise money for the Humane Society’s Pumpkin Fund. The Pumpkin fund helps us pay extraordinary costs some animals may need to get them back on their feet.

During the month of October, a percentage of the sale of any pumpkin features will be donated to the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society’s Pumpkin Fund.

The Twisted Apron will also be holding a charity dinner benefiting the Pumpkin Fund on Sunday, November 3rd from 5:30pm-8pm. Tickets are $35 a person and are available at the Twisted Apron and the Humane Society. Dinner includes your choice of pumpkin soup or house salad AND vegan burger or mushroom risotto or fried perch or shepherds pie AND assorted desserts.

2013 10 Pumpkin Fund Poster R3

The students at the Youth Resources Network donated their day off school to help out at the Humane Society. The students came by and helped organize and clean our garage area. It’s looking great! Thanks everyone! Youth Resources Network Volunteers

A big thank you to Aidan! For his 9th birthday, Aidan asked for toys, food and supplies for all the animals at the Humane Society. Thank you to Aidan and his friends for helping all the animals in our care!