Warmest wishes to Julianna for her 12th birthday. Julianna has been getting donations for the Humane Society in lieu of birthday gifts since her 9th birthday. Thank you for your generosity and big heart Julianna! Happy Birthday!

Julianna Birthday Donation

Thanks goes out to the Royal Oak Long Term Care Centre and their Residence Activity Council who held a penny drive and asked that the money be donated to the Humane Society. What a wonderful way to give back and support animals in our community!



A big thank you goes to Samantha and Austin Wright for taking time in this hot weather to hold a lemonade stand. They raised $75 for the animals at the WECHS, and brought along some extra treats for our dogs.  Thanks, guys– great work!





Jerry Miernecki has pled guilty to two counts under the Ontario SPCA Act including failing to comply with an order, as well as permitting cats to be in distress.  You may recall that he was charged after 49 cats were removed from his apartment along with 155 other dead cats and kittens that had been found in his freezer following an investigation by Humane Society cruelty officers. Information provided by the owner indicated his intent in keeping the deceased cats was not malicious, but that he had been holding the cats to bury together when he was able to buy a home.

Mr. Miernecki was sentenced to one year probation and received a lifetime ban on owning more than one spayed or neutered cat.  While many may feel that he should have been sentenced to prison, the Humane Society believes that this is a situation where mental health issues were involved, and that there was not a cruel intent.  The charge of permitting distress related to ill cats and kittens not receiving medical care rather than to any physical violence.  He has taken responsibility for his actions and admitted his guilt.  We believe that the lifetime ban will help to ensure that a similar situation will never  develop again.

Two of the cats removed during this investigation are still waiting for their new homes.  If you are interested in giving Loudred or Bacha a loving home, please visit our adoption centre.


Loudred is waiting for her forever home!


Pet Owners – Remember that Hot Cars Can be Deadly

The Humane Society would like to remind all pet owners about the dangers of leaving your pet in the car, even when it’s “only for a minute”. Every summer the Humane Society gets many calls about animals who have been left in a parked car. Many people know by now to never leave our pets in cars on hot days but some people might not, and sometimes it’s easy to underestimate just how quickly a car can heat up. In under 10 minutes the temperature in a parked car, even in the shade with the windows partly open, can reach a level that will seriously harm or even kill your pet.

If you see an animal in a car on a warm or humid day who you believe may be in trouble, please ask nearby stores to page customers. If the dog is in distress or the owner can’t be found please call the Humane Society at 519-966-5751 or local police.

To help bring home the message about just how hot it can get in a parked car we were in the Real Canadian Superstore parking lot today with a parked vehicle and a thermometer inside. After just 15 minutes the temperature was already almost 45 degrees despite the fact that it felt quite mild and breezy outside!

Special thanks for CTV Pet Pics host and weatherman Arms Bumanlag for helping us keep an eye on the weather for today’s special education event!