As summer gets into full swing, so does kitten and puppy season. During the warm months, we see an increase in cat and dog intakes, especially of unwanted “oops” litters. That’s why the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society, along with Humane Alliance, are reminding you to spay and neuter your pets. It’s the best way to prevent accidental litters of kittens and puppies. Dogs and cats as young as 4 months can be safely fixed and it helps your cat or dog live a longer, healthier life. Call your vet or the Humane Society vet clinic to talk about spay/neuter options before it’s too late. You don’t want to be caught saying “woulda coulda shoulda”, spay and neuter today!

View spay/neuter prices for the Humane Society Vet Clinic here.

Windsor/Essex County –The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society and Wings Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre have been receiving very high numbers of call in the past few weeks regarding deer in urban areas.  In nearly all cases the best response in these situations is to leave the animal alone and allow them to move away on their own.

Many people are surprised to learn that deer live in urban areas.  However, they are often surviving in fragmented habitats that are not connected to other natural areas.  As a result, when they begin to move around they will often find themselves in backyards, parks, or on city streets.  In most cases, if left alone and given time they will find their way back to a more natural area.  Safely tranquilizing and relocating these animals is not possible given the risks to both animals and people, as well as the lack of appropriate remote habitat to move them into and laws restricting wildlife relocation.

When dealing with young fawns, it is important to remember that their mothers leave them for very long periods of time to avoid drawing predators to them, and that seeing a young fawn alone does not mean it has been abandoned.  It is important to always seek expert advice before approaching to moving a young fawn.

If you see a deer wandering in an urban area please do not approach them, and do not try to follow them.  Instead leave the area and encourage others nearby to do the same.

If a deer appears to be injured please contact Wings at 519-736-8172 or the Humane Society at 519-966-5751.Doe

Miss Ward’s grade 4 and 5 class at W.G. Davis public school were very busy! The whole class drew beautiful pictures of animals and animal care and brought them into the Humane Society. They also raised money as a class to buy several bags of dog and cat food and treats. Thank you for your hard work Miss. Ward’s class!


Local golfers Louie Calsavara, George Kummer, Michael Naccarato & John Cherwak played 110 holes of golf as part of a golf-a-thon at Essex Golf & Country Club to help raise funds for the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society. Together, they were able to raise an amazing $11,000! Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

golf 3

(left to right) Katelyn Murray (development coordinator), Amanda Orr (events coordinator), George Kummer, Joyce Cherwak, Michael Naccarato, John Cherwak, Louie Calsavara

Thank you to Decor Innovation Designs for hosting a BBQ Fundraiser on June 8th to benefit the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society! They collected donations, Canadian Tire money, towels, blankets and canned cat food to help support the animals in our care. Decor Innovation Designs will be continuing their fundraising efforts throughout June. Thank you for your support!


Conor decided this year for his 8th birthday that he didn’t want any gifts for himself, he wanted to give gifts to the Humane Society. He asked all his friends to donate supplies and money to help out all the animals at the shelter. He only had one gift request for himself, a bunny. Conor got his bunny, Nibbles, and brought all the other goodies by the Humane Society to help out all of our animals. Thanks Conor!

Conor - Bday Donation

The 5th anniversary show of ‘For Love of Isis’ was a great success. In addition to the funds raised, a few of the dancers took liberty of sewing a basket full of colorful bandanas for our dogs and cats.  Thanks goes especially to Jodi & Vanessa for their hard work.

Isis bananas

Jodi and her daughter with Katelyn accepting the bandanas.


Thank you to 10 year old Jennifer and Isabella, who raised money for the Humane Society with their great Lemonade stand. The girls set up their stand near Art in the Park last weekend to help support the animals in our care. Thank you both!

Jennifer & Isabella - Lemonade stand

The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society will hold an adoption promotion on June 8th & 9th, 2013.  Two is Better than One will showcase pets that are over 2 years old and who have been in the shelter for two months or more.  These pets’ adoption fees will be half price!

Adopters can choose from the above promotion OR they can adopt any two pets for the regular price of one.

You don’t want to miss this adoption event!


Thanks goes out to Cathy and Wayne for their hard work sewing comfortable blanket-beds for our cats and dogs! Cathy and Wayne stopped by from Chrysalis Day Club, an activity centre for adults with brain injuries, to drop off these wonderful beds.  Our kittens loved them right away.  Thank you!

chrysalis group